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Before & After School

Ages 6 – 12 Years

Transform your child’s off-school time into productive ones. While he/she is off from school and is not exposed to the continuum of learning, there is a greater possibility that he/she might use this time for loose activities without proper guidance. Instead, engage them in Building Blocks Learning Academy’s Before and After School Program. We have fun-filled activities that will use up time for gainful activities, including assistance with homework, interactive play, story sessions, creative activities and more.

Parents are expected to give full support for the maximum development of your child, especially the perpetuity of values formation at home. Eager to form social connections and discover how the adult world works, 6-12 year-olds thrive on challenges, friendships, clubs, and responsibility. Our program supports their desire to learn by providing new opportunities to help them explore. School age children up to 12 years old can enroll for before and after school care, back up care for school holidays and school closings, and summer day camp programs.