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At BUILDING BLOCKS LEARNING ACADEMY, we maintain a structured and enriching curriculum which includes:

We want kids to improve their communication skills and express themselves better. Our curriculum specifically includes training children to convey their ideas, thoughts, and feelings through speech and writing. We also encourage them to build early reading skills and get a head start for higher school age levels.

Math isn’t just about numbers! They can be applied in practical life too. We make the process of learning math fun and engaging for children. We give them the opportunity to build their skills in problem-solving, sorting objects into groups, patterning, and counting.

Your little explorers will have a blast at BUILDING BLOCKS LEARNING ACADEMY. We encourage children to develop a healthy curiosity for the things that surround them. We want to foster their sense of discovery through hands-on activities and play-based learning.

Music & Art
We open up opportunities for your child to become as creative as he or she can be. With programs in music and art, children can experience artistic development, a sense of individuality, and self-expression.