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Ages 5 – 6 Years

Is your child ready for school? Enroll him or her in Building Blocks Learning Academy’s kindergarten house. We have everything ready for your child – the books, play toys, tables, chairs, a conducive classroom, and a whole new set of fun and productive experiences ahead. Our kindergarten curriculum is aimed at bringing out the best in your child. We develop his/her love for lifelong learning, responsibility and regard for others through socially and mentally-coordinated learning plans.

Be with us as we form the fundamental basis of his/her personality for a better future ahead. Children work cooperatively and independently on sophisticated projects and activities and develop the maturity and sense of responsibility necessary as members of a school community. We celebrate the academic accomplishments of our students each year with a cap & gown commencement ceremony along with a celebratory prom! As children reach school age, our comprehensive full-day kindergarten program helps them explore, communicate and create all in a nurturing, small-class setting. Our curriculum offers reading, language arts, math, and science presented in a fun way to encourage a life-long love of learning.