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Ages 3 – 5 Years

Building Blocks Learning Academy’s Preschool Program is designed for the development of the whole child. The interrelated aspects of development we focus on are cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. In our program, we help the child grow in independence, social skills, motor skills, self-esteem, self-control, thinking and reasoning skills, and language ability. We believe that our goals will help the child develop a positive self-concept – a good feeling about himself and the world.

Our Preschool Program focuses on building confident, lifelong learners by making our preschool curriculum challenging but developmentally appropriate. Through small group activities, teachers are able to focus on each child’s individual learning style to better challenge each student. Our goal is to build an excitement in learning that will last a lifetime. Building Blocks Learning Academy Preschool program works with all learning objectives such as science, math, art, literacy, and social emotional development while incorporating new subject areas such as social studies. Our preschoolers learn about their community, different cultures and helping others. They start learning about themselves to build their own social and emotional confidence as well as shape their problem-solving skills.