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Young Preschool

In our young preschool class, the goal is to allow for the growth of children academically, socially and emotionally in preparation for their future schooling. We are here to empower early young preschool students to become independent children to work with classmates and follow instructions. Their independence is nurtured so that they may build the ability to self-regulate and help themselves. This is the chance for your child to experience a structured, nurturing environment. In our Young Preschool Program, children are in a structured setting with teachers and other children where they can learn to share, follow instructions, take turns, and share the teacher’s attention with peers. Building Blocks Learning Academy prepares each child and teaches them the art of cooperation, how to be respectful towards others, and how to solve problems.

Our young preschool class is a place where kids can gain confidence, explore, and play with friends while discovering answers to their many questions. Young Preschoolers learn letters and numbers, shapes and sizes, and colors but at their own individualized pace via games and activities. To get children ready for the academic demands of elementary school, young preschool teachers offer a broad range of activities aimed to help them acquire these necessary academic and social skills foundations.